I was already sensing something when I arrived at the place in my car, the night before.
The pine trees were not so visible in the dark-blue sky, but one could still feel their very significant presence. Having spent the night near by, I woke up at dawn and immediately went on a stroll with the sole objective of observing the pine trees up close. Sure enough, the trees were projecting their beautiful silhouettes into space.

As I was watching these pine trees being lit by the rising sun, I was taken over by the urge to actually paint the trees’ silhouettes.  After all, these silhouettes are light itself, and therefore can express light in a painting.

According to Buddhism, everything in this world is considered empty, an illusion. Therefore I wanted the pine trees to disappear into the light. I wanted to paint the scene of the border between reality and non-reality.
I deliberately gave this work – one that is gleaming with light – the title of “Shadows”, thereby suggesting the many intricate elements working together to create a scene of light.

Will people sense hope in this painting? Or will they sense a moment of despair? I wonder what people will think of this painting in the future, millions of years from now.

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