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The stars we see today are said to be nova outbursts which occurred in galaxies billions of light years away. The brightness of the stars comes in a variety of colors such as blue, red, orange and emerald green which is visible to the naked eye when looking up at the night sky and is indeed the great distance and time itself. In other words, we are looking at vast time-space.

In Lightscape, I painted the light that we first see when we are born. The challenge here was in the expression of this single light. This time in Lightscape Spectrum, however, I wanted to combine multiple scapes whereby "scape" represents the transiting light in each different time of the day and to create a work that serves as a device that can only work as people walk past, seeing and feeling from it.

The word "spectrum" has its origin in Latin, a derivative of the verb "to see," with the meaning "image" or "apparition." In Buddhism, all things are fantasy. Color and shape only reveal themselves occasionally by luck. Light reveals itself only when the viewer meets it and relates to it. I believe this is also true for a work of art.

Lightscape 2011, 100x73cm.jpg

Lightscape colors 100×73cm 2011


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