While driving across the boarder of Switzerland and Italy, I passed a desolate area covered with snow. 
The photos that I quickly took while moving were a bit blurry but amazing. 
The bare landscape is something far beyond what human beings can ever create.
Capturing these scenes as a sequence of moments, and expressing them as paintings, is what this series aims for.

This work uses modern methods and tools, such as cameras and various optical equipments. As it captures the moment of a moving scene in high speed, it can also be considered as a video work.

The theme is the “Air” in motion, as a visual media, and not the physical objects such as snow and rocks seen as a motif.

The image is of the graphic scene of nature, with exposed rocks that look like a scene from science fiction, when landing on another planet. Will the viewer, upon seeing this, imagine a scenery from the ancient time, or a scenery of future earth after human beings have gone extinct?

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