“What is the first light a person sees upon being born, coming out of the mother’s womb?” This question was the reason why I started working on this series.

While light is no doubt a physical phenomenon in the form of vibration and waves, it is also – and as much – a spiritual force, expressing one’s heart, and desire for enlightenment.
It is the mental state called hope, which is necessary for sustaining life. If light is not there to energize the spirit, people will no doubt lose the courage to live.
Light is a physical entity, and at the same time endlessly non-physical. It embodies both and moves freely, back and forth, between the two.

I feel that Sumi ink and mineral pigment, both of which have been used in the east since ancient times, are the appropriate materials to use when depicting the phenomena of going back and forth between the particle/physical and wave-like/energetic dimensions. It is, therefore, reasonable to use rocks, shells, and sand extracted from the earth in order to try and express light in painting.

They say in Buddhism that all things are in essence an illusion. Shapes and colors merely reveal themselves by chance. 
In that same way, I think that light and works of art reveal themselves to the viewers for the first time upon coming in contact with, and relating to them. 

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