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Matsumoto Architectural Arts Festival

Matsumoto Architectural Arts Festival (MAAF) 2022.01.29 --2022.02.20

"Matsumoto Winter, Where Art Settles in Famous Architecture."

We are pleased to announce that we are participating in the Matsumoto International Art Festival that will take place in the Nagano Prefecture.

This is a new art festival during which more than a dozen artists will exhibit their works in spaces classified as national cultural heritages, as well as national treasures of the Nagano Prefecture in the city of Matsumoto.

Akira Kugimachi will exhibit several new paintings on the first floor of the Old Catholic Priest's Hall, a national treasure of Nagano Prefecture.

We are happy to be able to organize safely an art festival with the support of many people during the context of health crisis.

◇ Old Catholic Priest's Hall, 1st Floor

◇ Event Overview

Name: MATSUMOTO Architecture + Art Festival

"Matsumoto Winter, Where Art Settles in Famous Architecture."

Session: January 29 (Sat) - February 20 (Sun) 2022 / Open all year round

Meeting Place: Dozens of locations in Matsumoto City

Organized by: Matsumoto Architectural Arts Festival Executive Committee

President Tadamasa Saito (Door Holdings)

General Manager Ouchi Osamu (Nano Nano Graphics)


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